Nationwide Portfolio Buyers for Real Estate

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How to sell Portfolio Deals Nationwide

Real estate brokers, wholesalers, and portfolio owners are institutional funds that are looking for portfolio deals across the United States. We have here listed the top five box markets per city, along with the minimum Bed Bath count for each fund, an institution based on the buy box area.


We provide you with the market, the minimum bed and bath count, the minimum year built, as well as square footage. We have listed on this spreadsheet Tier one and Tier two markets based on priority for these institutional fund buyers. The minimum bed and bath count are important, as well as the year built and the minimum square footage.

This program has been put together by compiling some of the top hedge funds and institutional investors from across the United States based on the buying criteria for each fund and their need for portfolios in each area. We've created and put together the national directory as far as our partnership program. Listing all the top markets and creating buy box formulas for each.

This formula was designed to equip real estate professionals with the tools that they need to go out there and find a large portfolio of single-family properties that can be submitted into the system. Our team will process these deals on the back end and send them to the largest institutional buyers in that specific network.

We have listed on this spreadsheet. Tier one and Tier two markets are based on priority for each specific area. Now, the minimum bed count, as you can see, is three beds, one bath, and up across the board. The year bill can differ depending on which market. Minimum square footage as long as we're hitting a thousand square feet and greater. We're good to go.

In order to navigate this site efficiently, we have it broken down in an organized process. The portfolio submission template, as you can see listed here, will give you the exact formula that we need the portfolio submissions pushed through the system in order to process and get sent out. Directly below here, you'll see the upload portfolio submission form. This is where you can physically upload the file for the portfolio submissions that are coming directly in here, with portfolios taking a little bit more time to underwrite.

We're seeing more of a five to seven-day turnaround time as far as the responses and getting that finalized offer. Before we set inspections, a little bit different from your one-off single-family deals when you can expect a twenty-four to a 48-hour turnaround. Now all this process is broken down and you have full access to the buy box markets, as well as buying criteria directly here on the site, as well as Tier one markets, Tier two markets, and any other information that you should need in getting started again.

This onboarding video is here to give you the quick process to navigate this site in and out, and if you have any questions in the process, our team is here on the back end to help navigate, to help consult and give you the roadmap moving forward so we can close more portfolio deals this year. 

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