The Investor Syndicate


Join a tribe of investors who share a common mission. Our inner Circle community is designed to empower our members with the tools they need to win.

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The Investor Syndicate

Join a tribe of investors who share a common mission. Our inner Circle community is designed to empower our members with the tools they need to win.

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Investor Vault

Get exclusive access to the Investor Vault. A library stacked course content and training modules. 

Inner Circle Community

Connect with a community of people on a mission to disrupt the investing industry.

Weekly Strategy Calls

Live weekly strategy calls with our team giving our discussing market trends and breakout projects.

Everything You Need To Launch And Scale Your Investing Business

How would you like to join the most valuable Inner Circle Network for Investors? Learn Proven Wholesaling & Investing Strategies and get on the fast track to real estate investing success. 


The Hedge Fund Buyer Code

Learn The Secrets to Selling Your Wholesale Deals for 100% Market Value?

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Wholesalers Playbook 

Learn How To Launch and Scale Your Wholesaling Business From the Ground Up.

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Investor Syndicate Inner Circle

Our Most Elite Network For Investors & Entrepreneurs. Join The Inner Circle.

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This is an invitation to level up your investing game and to have a seat at the table with elite players nationwide. Learn more about The Inner Circle Community and how you can become a member of our Tribe!

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HEDGE FUND CODE | Access Nationwide Hedge Fund Buyers 


WHOLESALERS PLAYBOOK | Learn How To Launch & Scale 


Understanding the Basics of Blockchain

Everything you need to launch and grow your investing network!

Members have full access to our inner circle community,  the investor training vault, live weekly strategy calls, insider crypto plays, and exclusive NFT launch. 

Inner Circle


$197 Membership Activation

Here's everything you will get access to when you join the Inner Circle Today!

  • Investor Syndicate Inner Circle: A Supportive Community of Impact players to help you reach your goals ($9,997 Value) 
  • Wholesalers Playbook: library of over 30 structured courses to get you on the fast track to investing ($5,997 Value)
  • Hedge Fund Partnership Program: secret program showing you how to sell to hedge funds ($1,997 Value)
  • Acquisitions Training Sessions: Live Weekly Acquisitions calls with our team ($2,997 Value)
  • Virtual Assistant Training Academy: Our in house VA Team trains virtual assistants and teams to scale ($4,997 Value) 
  • Weekly Mastermind Calls: Four LIVE Q&A Sessions with our team every month ($9,997 Value) 
  • BONUS #1 - Mastermind Replays: coming soon ($1,997 Value)  
  • BONUS #2 - Access To Our Monthly Book Club ($1,997 Value) 


 That's over $20,000 of Training, Networking, and Community you'll get access to for $197 per month...



Investor Syndicate Swag Shop

Get Premium Investor Gear inside the Investor Syndicate Swag Shop. Our Lifestyle Apparel is Branded to Give Investors Stylish Swag. 

If you want to catch the Big Fish, you have to Fish in The Bigger Ponds. "Throw Your Net On The Right Side Of The Boat and You Will Find Some."


Proximity is Power

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